How Health Ministry promotes Dengue in your house.

I took these snaps on August 2, 2010 in the park in front of my house.

Snap 2 of the fountain Snap 3 of the fountain

Apparently, the fountains which the Govt installed to destroy our parks are breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and what not. When I went today again to take a picture, I just could not because still water you can see has become a marine zoo and I rather rushed inside.

It feels pathetic when the Ministry of Health and “Family Welfare”, wasting taxpayers’ money, releases advertisements in newspapers to teach us how to prevent water getting collecting in our houses. The whole focus of these shams is in pasting decent looking pictures of our Mantries.

I mailed at the id on the site and asked the person whether Mantires or Babus will ever care to see these parks to know the ground realities rather than blaming CWG construction mess for the spread of dengue? I was surprised that the mail did not bounce back.

I have instructed everyone in my home NOT to allow any official from the Corporation to inspect my house premises for possible water storage. I am happy if the official issues a challan for non cooperation and I will challenge it in the Court of law. I am also filing a RTI application to know HOW much money is spent on these shams in newspapers and HOW MUCH money was spent in installing these time bombs in parks to infect people living nearby.

It is misfortune of the citizen of India that we cannot sue the Ministry of Health and “Family Welfare” for criminal negligence of such nature.

God help the citizens who have to live under these negligent Mantries and Babus.


The pics clicked recently (2012) are uploaded here



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  1. Good to see you blogging and for a common person like me law seems so remote and frightening. Good luck with your RTIs.

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