Allegedly BROAD BAND BAAJA (Revised)

Like many others who face a problem with their internet connection, though in the minds of the companies allegedly providing the connections to us, there is no problem, I too am a victim of these companies.

In 2005, during my Masters, I wrote a dissertation on online copyright infringement due to peer-to-peer networking software etc. I wrote then that the hunger for getting more and more speed in our internet connection gave birth to demand for higher capacity hard disks and the broadband connections providing awesome speed. It wasn’t a Noble prize winning theory but a factual observation.

Coming back to the topic at hand, My first non-dial-up internet connection was of MTNL. Guess I was willing to forget the painful ways MTNL used to make the customers run after its efficient linemen. Though after a while, MTNL linemen chasing was not my thing and switched to Sify. Thanks to internal problems in Sify after the corporate scam and the broadband division was shelved. Though the speed was not too bad. Much better than MTNL.

After Sify, I desperately tried to have the Airtel connection but Airtel did not, still doesn’t, cater to area around my place so it was a no no as well. I did a brave move and bought two separate data cards. One Photon+ for my notebook and one Reliance for my desktop. I used the “+” symbol because that is what the trademark is, though in usage terms, it should be a BIG “-”

I realised that the connectivity of  Photon+ was really pathetic and I contacted Tata Indicom people a lot of time. After much deliberation, one executive told me that the connectivity around my place was not OK and the situation shall positively improve by April 30th. I told him that I shall contact Tata only after May 7.

The hope was futile as the shoddy connection never improved. Later on, when I was incessantly contacting TataIndicom over twitter, I got a vague tweet like,

“As per our tech team your connection having indoor signal problem in otherwise good coverage area.”

This falsity of reply came after no employee ever visited my home for checking the indoor signals.

Reliance proved no better but that is a story for a separate chapter. I sent a legal notice to the company since the connection wasn’t working fine at my basement office.

My point about writing this note is not to give my ordeal in dealing with unresponsive companies like MTNL or Reliance or Tata Indicom which kept on escalating my problem but sadly there wasn’t any employee at that level to attend to me.

The point is that companies have deceptive advertisements wherein they fool people with the speed they offer. In fact, the same companies will be ashamed to tell the average speed they offer for connectivity. A sample article can be accessed here where the ISP mislead customers with the speed they offer compared to the speed a user ultimately gets.

After filing the consumer complaint against TataIndicom, I shall update the readers but so far, it is clear that the companies are only focusing on hiring models for the advertisement but not technicians who can help the customers.

Tata never responded to my legal notice. In fact, their call centers has people who are abusive. I wrote a email to Tata and their counsel about this abusive behaviour from the callers from Tata on January 15, 2012 but, knowing their style of working, Tata purposely did not respond. However, since I wrote in my email that I am making a police complaint against the staffer Ms. Radhika Sharma for using abusive language, the counsel was quick to call me to inform me that Tata has closed this matter and he was sorry that the staffer used such language.

I sent copy of my legal notice to counsel for Tata for follow up but never once I received a response. All complaints posted online on twitter remained ignored. In fact I sent a text to a counsel of Tata saying “I am sorry I expected a bit of courtesy.” Such is the nature of working of this shameless company.

Now Tata kept on changing their counsels to interact with me. One counsel, assured me that the matter stands resolved because Tata never responded to my legal notice to them. However, it seems that there is a new counsel in the picture who is now pursuing the matter in court against me. Fun begins.

Bottomline: Shame on these companies trying to tell us they are capable of providing broadband services. Truth is, they ( Tata Indicom being the Chief) are not capable and they will only know it after the consumer forums impose exemplary fines on these shameless entities.

God help us.



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25 responses to “Allegedly BROAD BAND BAAJA (Revised)

  1. I will wait for that update.

  2. Reliance broadband is no different. They are send me legal notices for a bill i had already paid. That too, they had over charged me so much, when my usage was pretty minimal.

  3. Tata Docomo Customercare

    Dear Mr. Mahant,

    Greetings from Tata Docomo!

    We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you and promise to provide you with superior and eminent personalized service for which we need at least your alternate contact number.

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    For any further assistance please mail us at

    Thanks and Regards,
    Customer care
    Tata Docomo.

    • Dearest Tata Docomo,

      I have emailed at the address. Have forwarded the email which I sent on March 9. Along with the mail, I have attached the legal notice which contains my cellphone number. I hope by this method, you will at least READ the notice to call me.

      Thanks for your response, after more than 10 months though.

  4. Today I got a call from some “MDDDesk” He is confirming that, the Average speed I am getting is more than the Average speed. The Average speed of TataPhoton+ is 256KBPS……The True fact is customer care or wahtever Tata Counsel not ready to believe on Customers, they believe on only with Field engineer. Whenever they come to my place they tune the signal in antenna and visit and once Support engineer leaves my place it is the same conditionas usual. I am getting 50 to 150 KBPS thts too in non peak hours….

  5. Guys Dont believe the Marketing terms of USB broad band and buy it… Dfntly u wil going to be sufferer later…..Beware of TataPhoton+ or Reliance… Big cheaters in Market

  6. Kinjal Vyas

    I’m really satisfied with my Tata Photon…flawless speed n customer care was good too…solved my issue in 2 days thnx 2 their twitter support

  7. So finally which service are you using and what is your satisfaction level with the same?

  8. Kinjal Vyas

    Never ever faced a problem with my photon…strongly recommend it esp if ur on the go 24/7 like me

  9. Good article. I prefer ‘bsnl’ because, i have contacts inside to get things done and no ridiculous pricing schemes. Once i settle in i will go for wireline broadband. I will soon be writing about my experience with docomo on my blog.(

  10. Very good rant. All telecom companies are same. I like the idiom that they hire models and not technicians.

    I specifically used word ‘Rant’ as we can not wait forever for them to respond. My experience with Reliance and Vodafone is smooth (most of the time). MTS is worst ( you have better experience) Airtel, I dont even want to talk about it.

  11. Adarsh

    Good article on tata’s ignorance toward customers and their responsiveness. I have seen and heard of the same problems with me many people I interact. These are the big companies with rugged attitude.

  12. PB

    About the misleading speeds- so agree, there is a ISP called Tikona. I contacted them out of desparation last week. In their website they claim to offer ‘download speeds’ of 512, 768kbps when these are simply connection speeds. Also, they will charge you 6 months fee not just at the beginning but also every 6 months while claiming that the customer needs to pay onlynfor 4 out of the 6 months. This way they ensure that you are stuck with them forever.

    I have had broadband connections from sify, reliance wimax (disconnected in a month) and Tata. I did not have trouble for the first yr. Lately, their connectivity is a big problem not to mention that the customer care person does not even bother to read your email properly. Its a nightmare to actually get someone to answer the phone and to top it all the line just disconnects on its own. Of course, they will never call you back. When you try getting through, the IVRS informs u that the account number you added was incorrect and you have exceeded the number of tries. The technical knowledge of their customer care is the pits. They don’t understand that an active account actually means that i am still a customer and does not mean that my connection is working! The first time I tried getting to their customer care, I had to go through 3 numbers each one redirected me to another number till I finally got through. If you notice their bill, it carries the nodal officer’s email ID. Frustrated, when i finally wrote to her, I promptly received an auto reply stating that the email ID had been discontinued.

    ISPs in India really take the customers for a royal ride.

  13. oh yes I still consider on the go internet in India in tatters. gprs and 3g are good for mobile internet but when it comes to laptop internet on the go, we have nothing reliable. i mean one operator, even one operator who gives the best facility will win this race but no one wants that. all they want is easy money with less work.
    have never used dongles but planning to. don’t know what to do. i have a tata photon+ dongle. maybe i’ll take a cheap plan of 1gb and for the rest of the time pay for my broadband at home.
    seems to be the best option.

  14. Very good piece of Writing! The observation is perfect!

  15. Sriram V Iyer

    I wish I had seen your article earlier. Speeds are bad with Tata Photon+, but even that I can put up. But, I just cannot digest the fact that their call center employs the people they do now. ABSOLUTELY discourteous and moronic service people.

    These guys continue to charge me ‘after’ I reported loss of device. Then when I go to their BIG office opposite Forum in Koramangala, they say they cannot cancel it because it is a Chennai number. Also, they don’t take credit card payments (can you believe that).

    All this happens when the rude call center people call from Chennai reminding that they’ll take legal action. I wish they do. If their legal department has the same standard of their call center, they’ll be paying through the nose.

    I wish I had more time to file cases on these morons and take them to consumer court. India can do better without these frauds.

    My heart somehow believes that Tata management on top are good. But, I wonder how the culture does not trickle down to the grassroot levels.

  16. Chandan Kumar

    I am also getting threatening mail and messages from Tata Docomo Tata Docomo.
    I got a Tata Photon Max dongle in December 2015 from Hyderabad. I wanted to use it in Bihar while roaming. At that time Tata Docomo representative assured me that Docomo service is available all over India and roaming is free. But for my 3 weeks stay in Bihar the Photon Max dongle never worked. So naturally when I came back to Hyderabad I requested Tata Docomo to disconnect the post paid service in January 2015. But instead they kept on billing me. Every month since February they would call me to pay the bill and I would make the same request. Now they are sending me threatening messages and emails for legal action. Any suggestion?

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