Open Letter To Rajdeep Sardesai From A Delhiite (2nd edn)

I uploaded the  following post on October 29, 2011 at 02:06 am after Mr. Sardesai’s tweet on Delhiites. Later, Mr. Sardesai wrote on twitter that he was not happy with his earlier comment and sincerely apologised to all. His second tweet can be accessed here. I opened my letter by saying that Mr. Sardesai is a gem in journalism and he has proved himself once again by apologising to all. I am thankful to all who read the post. The blog had over 6,000 hits in 30 hours and I am overwhelmed. Thanks to all.

Dear Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai,

I know, in fact, people all over the world know, that you are a gem in journalism.

My childhood favourite news show was The World This Week. Apart from amazing tabla by Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri, the show was comprehensive dose for news of the world. I really admired the team of NDTV and later also of your channel.  The term ‘Peepli journalism’ I coined was for those news channels who continuously focus on showing non news, sensationalism, etc.

My sudden discomfort started when you posted the following tweet about the abrupt ending of the Metallica concert in Gurgaon, “When in Delhi, do as Delhiities do. So, when you say ‘rock’ music, don’t be surprised if the crowd throws stones! gnight.” I was taken aback. Now I am none to judge a media channel. But, as a Delhiite, I took utmost offense of your tweet. For your information, since you, Sir, according to my belief, were not present at the concert venue, I invite your attention to my friend’s following post on Facebook which she wrote after leaving the venue:

the crowd was in position …waiting patiently for the gates to open. some came from bombay, some from calcutta..others from iran etc…. FOR THE FIRST TIME I SALUTE DELHI —-the fans were well mannered..all singing and humming…for the first time in delhi/gurgaon i felt safe…..the chief of police said on TV that the crowd was non violent…..then y has the media blamed it on the crowd……three thirty we were in…..there was pushing to get to the front…..ITS A ROCK CONCERT! metallica’s equipment was on stage…and then the organizers started playing a game…..they asked the crowd to sit (IN A ROCK CONCERT!!!! (isn’t it disrespectful?) so we all sat..then they asked us to stand…then to sit and stand again…thts when we moved to the back…..chilling sitting talking (patiently waiting) at four thirty they started taking the equipment off the stage..then they say metallica is at a press conference and not at the venue!!! then at six they say its postponed….lies to get us out…they never intended to play….WHERE IS THE VANDALISM….metallica’s equipment was off the stage safely at four thirty. then the organizers called the crowd…butt heads…tht was enuf!!!! metallica never apologized! vandalism was not of Metallica’s equipment……NDTV has been dreaming it all up!!! have they asked the crowd….we were there…..

Now after reading her post, we have a first hand experience of a person who was at the venue, in contrast to some people who had the luxury of sitting at their workplaces / homes and blaming Delhiites and generalizing them like cows. What these kind souls, who blamed Delhiites, also forgot that the crowd comprised of people outside Delhi as well, as my friend wrote. However, they, including you, Sir, blamed Delhiites for rock pelting, if I may call it from the reference by your tweet.

As a lawyer, I know we all enjoy freedom of speech and expression. As you, Sir, exercised your right by treating us Delhiites in the manner like you, Sir, did in your tweet, I am doing it in the same manner. I am not even questioning the integrity of media, as that would make me “internet Hindu/ troll” according to some media sleuths. I am not even reminding you, Sir, of the time when the Parliament was under attack, the live coverage was halted on one news channel so that a sportsperson could sell us a car he was endorsing at that time. I am not even asking you, Sir, that why the electronic media was the last one to realise there were some tapes of some journalists. I am not even asking you a lot of questions which bother me as you always say that people love to shoot the messenger / media.

Ching Chow said, “To criticize something without correcting is a sheer waste of time.” This is a polite way of telling you that when you generalize Delhiites like how you, Sir, did, it speaks volume about your awareness, or sheer lack of it, of the people in Delhi. Maybe it is this deliberate ignorance which also fuels the hatred in BOMBAY about non Maharastrians.

I must also inform you that when BOMBAY was under attack, the proud NSG (comprising of non-Maharashtrians also) was responsible for saving BOMBAY and not those cabdriver-beating-Marathi-Manoos we get to see on news.

In the last line, I have done the same generalisation and you can see how juvenile and pathetic it looks.

Thanks for making Delhiites remind how far better they are compared to people running (allegedly) news channels.



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45 responses to “Open Letter To Rajdeep Sardesai From A Delhiite (2nd edn)

  1. Great, But it is true he is not like other Maharashtians. He had opposed Raj Thackeray..

  2. i was at the venue too and didnt break anything. feel sad when the people are blammed like this for ‘security reasons’ were they expecting toddlers to turn up for the event?

  3. Divyang Sharma

    Like your response. I hope he reads it and corrects his mistake by apologizing to Delhites

  4. ron

    ha ha ha stupid delhites… learn from banglore how to behave in a rock concert..

    • Ramesh

      Ron, don’t hope for a smooth peaceful concert in Bangalore too. Bangalore too is full of these Delhiites nowadays.

    • Deepak

      Let the same organizers do the same stupid thing in Bangalore and then we will see..

    • take that

      For Delhiites, you are having to specify “stupid”. For Bangaloreans (or Bengalurians), its implied in the city name only.

      • KeepIndiaClean

        Let us accept it..we all Desis are smug, stupid and we don’t care about civic sense… will never accept our loud behavior. Have you brainwashed your kids to throw trash in the bin (even in public places).. okay you have?.. but a lot of Indian parents don’t. Delhiites are geniuses but they do need to show off all the time till the poor listener starts uprooting hair from his scalp

  5. Rahul Chhabra

    Dear Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai,

    I take immense pleasure in cracking the words from the horse’s mouth:

    There was lack of security, and i was there with my frenz who flew from Abroad and India since the morning; the way mob was treated was inhumane especially for the amount of money we had spent.

    Sir, ticket counters were closed and there were people who were giving a ticket priced at Rs. 2750; for Rs. 6,000. What would you call this??? I am sure you would again christen it as a delhiwala’s core job. What else will make a good commercial curry??

    The credit for the chaos goes to the organizers; if you can cover that on ur twitter if not on ur news channel. Its official now!!

    Rahul Chhabra

  6. Ujjwal

    Mr Mahant,
    Before alleging one of the finest journalist who stood balanced even in the recent Anna euphoria, think what is the image of Delhi to the entire nation. Intolerant, harsh, selfish, ravage, violent. I spend good 4 years of my student life out there and seen the very color of the Dil Waalon Ki Dilli. Why dont you hold a miscreant/Hooligan on the road/public life, instead of blaming Rajdeep.

    • Abhinav Sinha

      Finest journalist my foot. They are all brokers now. Seems you are too much in awe of celebrity journalists-cum brokers. Get real.

  7. Hmmm interesting. As I already said through tweets last night (#BoycottNews), the best way to avoid bad-taste-in-the-mouth is to STOP watching these so-called News Channels! I have and it is helping my state of mind! However, I do not blame Rajdeep- poor guy, he has his job to do. Just like SRK selling his Ra.One. So at the end of the day, everyone is right from his own perspective? The six comments above answer the question! Now imagine another billion comments to this post…. 🙂

  8. Aubhro Mukherjee

    Mainstream Media is so tainted. What actually happened at the Metallica Concert today, and what got reported were completely different. I was there. Front row. There was no crowd frenzy, nobody broke or stole anything. A barricade came undone, which got fixed within 30 minutes. They asked us to sit, we sat, they asked us to move back, we moved back, they called us bu…ttheads, we cheered them on. One by one, they started taking the equipment off the stage, still we stood there..trusting them, hoping to taste some metal. Untill finally it was announced, that Metallica was in a Press Meeting at their Hotel. They never came to the venue. There will be no show tonight. Technical difficulty. What shit..we are Indians..we invented the “technical difficulty” garb. Dont give it back to us. After the announcement, people got agitated and started throwing water bottles at the empty stage. I left early, so dont know what happened afterwards. But trust me..if Dilli wanted to be its stereotypical rowdy self, the Organizers would have been moping up blood from the stage tonight. So dont blame dilli. Just empathise with us and pray for a super F1 event and an killer gig at Bangalore. Peace.

  9. this is simply anti-Marathi. May I write an open letter for you?

  10. Chahat Chawla

    Sir Rajdeep Sardesai is too big a journalist to read or reply to any of such messages. I’m telling you my personal experience. I’ve asked him so many questions politely but he never bothers to reply. I do not know if this is his sheer arrogance or refusal to accept reality.
    He needs to realise that since his media constitutes a very vital part of a democracy, he cannot underestimate common people asking him questions. He is morally bound to answer questions!
    I hope he does realise this!

  11. Ashutosh

    Dear DK Mahant,

    1. Despite all your blabber, the whole world knows how arrogant, mean and venal the Delhi crowd is. Highest number of Rape cases in Delhi is testimony of the ‘Delhi Culture’
    2. SInce you took up the issue of Marathi Manoos, despite all your rage sitting there in Delhi in perhaps an Air Conditioned Room with Servants at your disposal, you dont know the ground reality here in Mumbai. So even if the whole of the nation may oppose, we all support Raj Thackeray.
    Please keep your bias and crap with yourself, and dont spread Shit.

    Proud Pragmatic and Cognizant Mumbaikar.

    • Deepak

      When one compares the number of cases of two cities, should you not compare the population too, or should the comparison be based on percentages.

      You might have got offended with some comment, but that does not mean you start doing the same. 🙂

      Take care

    • Siddhi

      How can you people be proud of your own cities when both the cities evidently have so many issues? Isn’t it sad that there are such problems is two of the most important cities in our country? This is not the time to bicker amongst ourselves whether Delhi or Mumbai is a better place while our nation is going to dogs!

    • KisKaBaapKaKyaJaatha

      Add to that the Delhi culture of labeling anything down south as Madrasi and showing their ignorance and arrogance of the rich culture of the rest of India and continuing to live in closed shells. You can see the same thread in –Take thats post–“For Delhiites, you are having to specify “stupid”. For Bangaloreans (or Bengalurians), its implied in the city name only.”
      That does not mean I condone the insensitivity of Rajdeep and the media to the realities at the cancelled show venue.

  12. Anubhav Anand

    Reading Rajdeep’s tweet is nothing but a waste of time. He tires to coin a one-liner every night to seek attention in twitter world. Trust me friend, if you don’t follow him & his wife on twitter, at least you will get a better sleep!

  13. Deepak

    First a concert got cancelled because organizers failed to get police permission. Now this one for reasons best known to organizers. And blame comes on Delhites..

    Wow.. Delhites and Delhi being blamed for what is actually a fault of organizers. Today’s media and people associated with it do it for TRPs and TRPs only, so they love to turn everything into a sensation. They have forgotten what a NEWS Channel is.

  14. All said and done, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. If Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted something he should apologise for, lets ask him politely to take back his words and say sorry.

    Just because Sardesai made a needless comment on Delhi and its residents, does not automatically make every Delhi-ite a caveman, and the same stands for all Delhi-ites abusing Mumbaikars for the same reason.

    Overall, everyone has feelings, so lets deal with the people who make generalisations rather than making more about other communities and further adding fuel to the fire.

  15. Abigail

    Good job dude. I felt sick to my stomach when I read that tweet, and then I happened to read his other related tweets. For a respected journalist, and Im a fan too, it was a gaudy display of ignorance.
    What’s worse is that everyone’s calling it a Delhi thing even though, I’m sure, they have non-Delhiite friends who went for the concert.

  16. To call delhites anything but uncivilised for tomorrow’s ruckus, could be one of the gravest mistakes for anyone.
    I was there, and fans being disrespected multiple times, by being asked to sit on floor, called buttheads, and making us wait for three hours, without any satisfactory explainations, were quite till the very end.
    But you cannot expect any further level of patience for a cancelled shOw, for so called technical glitches.
    Actually MetaLLica never intended to play at delhi, THEY LANDED IN DELHI @ 3.30 p.m. for a 5 p.m. SHOW, and instead of apologizing to FAns, they were giving interview to NDTV @ their HOTEL.

    A couple of Videos i shot, clearly show calm fans at 3.30 when gates opened, and 4.30 fans waiting inside…

  17. mr. RAJDEEP SARDESAI, u Butthead go and sit on floor….
    ohh u r offended..
    so were we, when we recieved the same at the CONCERT, for which we lined for 3 and a Half hours

  18. Anon

    Hello Mr.Mahant,

    This is an insightful article and I support your views in the article. However, as a Maharashtriyan and as a ‘MUMBAI’kar, i do take offence to your reference of 26/11. Based on the one commando who sacrificed his life, you have concluded that the NSG team consisted only of ‘outsiders’. But I do suggest you chk other facts too. For example, the 3 policemen who were killed outside Cama hospital. Also,please do check the person whose sacrifice has lead to the only capture of a terrorist in the carnage.

    Once again, I wholly support your views and believe that the tweet was unnecessary.
    I sincerely hope you too do not comit the same ‘generalisation’ you are opposing in the article.


  19. Himani

    Dear Mumbaikars who took offence,

    What part of—> “In the last line, I have done the same generalisation and you can see how juvenile and pathetic it looks” is so hard to understand?!?

  20. Prashant

    Don’t get the NSG involved… If they start counting the number of Hindus, Muslims, sikhs, marathis, north Indians we are all screwed and FYI NCR is full of rowdy screwed up people so please keep your opinion to ur self as we too saw who broke the front barriers..

  21. May you please visit the web site : to find more!

  22. We see many South-Indians taking digs at us and saying that we ruined it for them. The organizers themselves are from down south. Get over pride and pointing fingers I’d say.

  23. Shubha

    I have always been amazed by the lack of public accountability in India on the whole. Exams are cancelled and rescheduled, systems fail putting thousands of careers at stake, concerts are cancelled, for so much as getting a passport you have to make no less than 2 trips to a office and grease a few hands on the way, and no one is accountable or so much as says sorry.

    Having been both in Delhi and Bangalore for quite a few years, I feel an affinity to both cities. While it is true that I personally find Delhi rough, I still take care and love the city. I also love Bangalore equally.

    Instead of pointing fingers we should try and get to the core of how the organizers screwed up. If I am not wrong this has happened before.

  24. Vikram Singh

    Dear Author,

    I guess you read Rajdeep’s tweet about Delhite’s but ignored his apology which followed in next tweets. Your so called “open letter” did not even mention his apology tweet but went on thrashing his remarks which he had later retracted. This letter looked more like attention seeking one over anything else. Also your alleged friend’s post on FB appears to be fishy as i have never heard of any event organisers having misbehaved with the audiences unless there is something wrongly done by the audience. There are very few people who accepts their fault and apologise for that and i believe that all the miscreants irrespective of their state or city must apologise for the unruly behaviour shown. If the show was postponed or cancelled the organisers have all the rights to do and you seek damages and not show what it was done.


    • Hi Vikram, as you can see from the date of this post and the first tweet, it is all prior to Mr. Sardesai’s apology tweet. I posted this blog at 2 in the morning and Mr. Sardesai wrote the next tweet at 8:30ish in the morning.

      Hope it helps.

      Have a good day.

  25. I might not comment on the rock concert crowd but then there are certain aspects of a Delhiite which makes others see them as uncivilized. They live in a different world with different attitude. I won’t talk much here but I have given a detailed description of it in my blog where I have compared Mumbaikars and Delhiites.
    Give it a read if you get a chance and do comment.

  26. Sam

    a True Delhiite

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