Unpardonable Errors In Judiciary Examinations.

Their Honours in the Division Bench of Delhi High Court last week decided a bunch of petitions concerning the glaring errors in the question papers for the Delhi Judicial Services (DJS) preliminary exam held on December 18, 2011 in terms of the notice issued by Delhi High Court (DHC).

The judgement can be accessed here.

The main, and shocking, grievances of the Petitioners were that various question in the multiple choice paper fell under the following two categories:

(a) Where the answers were wrong (not possible from the given set of answers to the applicants); and

(b) Where the questions were unjustly out of the prescribed syllabus of the exam.

What is not most appalling is that the Petitioners raised such grievances but that Their Honours sitting in the Division Bench, after examining the illustrations and the choice of answers given, agreed with the Petitioners! What is also worse is that the DHC also conceded during the course of hearing that some of the questions / answers were indeed incorrect.

What the DB ruling also notes, and is one of the most alarming aspect, is that the applicants who must have selected the right answer have been negatively marked while many of those who chose the wrong answers would have got the benefit of 1 mark!

Their Honours deliberated at length on the question, their given choice of answers and the time it must have taken for an applicant to examine them and make up her mind for answering.

DB also directed the DHC to take proper care in future examinations.

Shocking is the situation, care and scrutiny are the solutions. All the best to my brethren sitting for such examinations.


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