Where Are Delhi Cops?

Witnessed a strange incident today: Around 03:15 pm a handicap driver of a auto-rickshaw was fighting with 3 people who snatched a carton of some automobile parts from his vehicle outside Darya Ganj Police Station. I managed to chase the vehicle outside Rajghat and recovered the carton.

The driver of the auto-rickshaw reached at the spot and picked the carton. There was a Police Gypsy right there. One policeman in it was even armed. They drove past! As if nothing had happened. There are CCTVs installed at Rajghat crossing and I will be curious to see if anyone watches these footage as well or not. If someone does, then the driver of the commercial vehicle and his assistants–one of them a minor–can be caught.

Encountered NO cop from Delhi Police–including traffic police–during this chase or even outside Rajghat and had to leave since I was going to CP Police Station for some work.

Ironically, I have been making rounds in some police stations in Delhi since last three weeks for getting sufficient force to conduct search and seizure actions for copyright and trademark infringement matters. Must say that we still need to see proactive cops who treat IP infringement as seriously as other felonies like murders, rapes, theft, etc.

Delhi Police surely needs more cops, especially those who are proactive. I did encounter one who is very passionate about controlling IP infringement. We need more like him.



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5 responses to “Where Are Delhi Cops?

  1. Such a shame on those cops.

  2. Reblogged this on Harsha's Space on WordPress and commented:
    Shame on Cops. I hope cops know the fact that if they do not act then public will act leading to anarchy (which will be much worse).

  3. Vikas Kumar

    I guess you are asking for too much from Delhi Police. I remember, in 2001 few college going boys stopped a bus, beaten up the driver and conductor, broke all the windows. It all happened in front of Malviya Nagar Police Station. While approached, we got the response that we cannot take action unless anyone file a complaint. This was actually surprising and pathetic response one can expect.

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