Delhi Government’s DELIBERATE Ignorance.

Not even 200 meters away from the official residence of Mayor of Delhi (North) and outside the Transport Auhtority’s office at Mall Road is this road which the residents, including the author, of Banarsi Dass Estate and of Timarpur area use. It is a heavy duty road and more than 10 buses pass every 15 minutes.

See for yourself the condition of the road. The author has also filed an RTI application to know how much money has gone down the drain, literally recently. The replies on the RTI shall be updated here too.

If you can, then do come and visit this calamity because the Delhi Government has long stopped caring. The sight of an elderly gentleman parking his scooter far off place and managing to reach the authority is very painful–to a common citizen.


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One response to “Delhi Government’s DELIBERATE Ignorance.

  1. This condition not new in Delhi and even it is more worst at some places. No one is even interested, where is LG? US for holidays.

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