Threat of Arrest from @TataDocomo Possible Fraud?

Recently, I have come across various instances where people from Tata Docomo have posed as advocates and made threatening calls to citizens. Not only they threaten with the statement that Court has issued arrest warrant for the dues, they even go to the extent of providing fake addresses.

I do have personal experience of this honest company where the officials called at my home and started abusing for an amount of less than Rs. 3000 which their advocate at an earlier point of time confirmed to me was settled.

My ordeal against this honest company is available here.

Nonetheless, as of now I am writing on behalf of a Client who received a call from one Ms. Ankita Sharma from the number +91-8459-055-XXX. She told my Client that, for the dues of less than Rs. 3000, a Court in Delhi has issued his arrest warrant and police are coming within two hours to arrest him. He passed me the number and I spoke to this lady on February 8. When I told her I’m the counsel for the person, whom she spoke to and informed about the arrest warrant, she abruptly hung up.

I called her the following day and she denied telling my client about any such arrest warrant. However, when I said I want to meet her in Chamber to show documents that the account was already settled by Tata, she asked me to come to Patiala House Court in Chamber No. 511.

I went to this Chamber today and met the advocate who operates from there. The advocate told me he is sick and tired of people of Tata Docomo giving his Chamber’s address whereas he has nothing to do with this company. I spoke to Ms. Ankita while sitting in Chamber 511 and asked her where can I meet her. She was surprised I had reached Chamber 511 and denied having given my any such address. When I asked her to provide me any address, she, again, abruptly hung up the phone.

This is a matter of serious concern. The legal officer of this company need to come and explain to the Bar Council that who are the advocates on their retainer making such calls and threatening people with alleged arrest warrants.

I am positive that there is no such advocate who would do such an act of threatening people with invisible arrest warrant. I am sure that people from this company are making these calls and terrorising people with possible arrest in few hours and bring irreparable harm and injury to our noble profession.

I am also making a separate complaint to the police against the company because of acts of  impersonation, possible fraud and that threat indeed constitutes assault but I am also going to request the Bar Council of Delhi to take note of such conduct by these companies.

I am also making a separate complaint to TRAI against this company.



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  1. Proud of you Sir, You really are Pro Bono Champion

      • BVC

        Really good work. I am suffering the same harassment from Docomo . They impersonate police officers also and call. I wrote to Nodal officer, appellate authority everyone. I doubt if just ignoring would have been better.

          • Sidharth

            Really Fedup of these disgusting guys. Calling me 100 times and saying they are sending legal notice with a lawyer who will take me to Delhi Court and all… No.- 7053986372. What do you suggest ? I have text msg. from Docomo that my issue has been resolved. But still they harash me . Should I complaint to someone or ignore ? Need your advice …

        • Vinky

          Sir, today one lady called me from delhi saying as inspector for consumer case file no 406 againt me for an arrest warrant mobile.. +919582380911 . Tried to blackmail me to talk to advocate Rakesh +919582015706…to revert this case. I previously mailed many times to Tata docomo to stop the connection which they never did

        • tata docomo very big fraud company, if you get post paid service , they will squess the money, me also having problems with them, pls. be care full with them , and do you use their any product.

        • hello sir,
          I am am suffering the same harassment from Docomo.
          can you suggest me what should I do?

      • Abhinay singh

        great sir ……….awesome work …. i am totally frustrated with this company ,,,,every month extra bill

    • Krishna

      Proud of your sincere efforts against worst company on this planet.
      Even i got the same threatening call.

    • the same problem got myself from fraud tata docomo company,

  2. proud of u sir…
    I got the same treatment from tata docomo without any fault of mine.
    Nice to see people like u fighting for a cause

      • pramod

        hello, freind iam also suffer from this tata tele service they are given a notice from any advocate from hyderabad, how foolish is this we are client from mumbai even they also text me about an one month ago to present at shivaji ngr court of pune, means they all are stupid that they didnt know what they have doing and in what direction, and one more thing is these are publish fake committment and promises n service is totaly opposite

        but i wnt teach lesson to them in leagle

        • jayesh darji

          Recent in morning i got calls like this that if you not pay 2100 than we file case against thiis and your warrant also issued from here delhi hazari court!!!!
          i am asking him that its not my fault i am already have companys cnformation to stop service cause in my area its worst!!!
          i need advice what can i do now
          they asked if i am not pay by today you are arrest in 2-3 days and warrant also issued of your name
          one ask he is delhi govt lawyer
          after one ask me constable jayraj singh delhi police
          number they used 07239850274,08441069172
          jayesh darji

          • Rohit kumar

            I also get call from same no. Telling that he is from sadar bazaar Delhi police station don’t worry just go to your area police station and ask this fraud to explain whole matter on phone he will never call you u….

  3. I received a call from a Lady claiming to be PRO of Tees Hazari Court in Delhi informing me that I have not appeared in a case filed by TataDocomo for recovery of their dues and now a arrest warrant was being issued within 15 minutes unless I pay Rs. 7,217.- in Tata Teleservices ltd account.

    I was given a phone number of the Lawyer who would let me know more details. On contacting the so called Lawyer who was very rude, I realised this was some fraud. I asked for some time and spoke to a friend of mine who works in TataoCoMo Chandigarh. (Here I must clarify that TATADOCOMO has closed their office and services in J&K and not that we have defaulted in payments. We have communications with TataDoCoMo regarding settlement of dues after adjustment of Security Deposit & cost of CDMA Desktop Sets which are useless now).

    My friend in Chandigarh informed me that a team has been placed in Jammu for 2 months to settle accounts. Regarding the calls from Delhi he informed me that it is am agency hired by TataDoCoMo to recover dues. I was asked by the officials of TataDocomo to ignore such calls and settle the dues with local office as they are directly from Tatdocomo and would settle the dues after adjusting security deposits and cost of Hand sets.

    I again received a threatening call from the so called Senior Lawyer in Delhi abusing me of being fraud & a Lair as I had not deposited the dues. When I informed him about the Tatadocomo team being in place in Jammu to settle dues and that I knew that he was just a recovery agent and not a lawyer, I was told to wait for 30 minutes as his goons where already on the way to pick me up.

    Nothing Happened but I was disturbed. A company which earned more then 4,000/- every month from me for LAST 3 YEARS, closed their service in the state and where now threatening me.

    On the behest of my TataDocomo friend in Chandigarh, Tatadocomo team member came to my office and settled account after adjusting security deposit as well as cost of hand sets. I made the company reps hear the recording of the conversation between me and their Recovery agents. The reps of the company where apologetic and also called the agency in Delhi and asked them to stop harassing the clients in Jammu and Kashmir as they are finding it difficult to resolve matters after their threats/bluff are called.

    To my surprise even after all this the same recovery agent from Delhi called me again and asked me the amount I had paid to settle the dues. I told them it had nothing to do them, and the reply I got was shocking. The recovery agent told me that he deserves a commission on my payment from TataDocomo since his threats prompted me to settle the dues with the company.

    TataDocomo needs to stop this system of threats of arrest, when it was they who left the state after closing their shops here. Do they realise how much has a corporate client lost when all 10 line are closed suddenly after 3 years. Our clients are not able to contact us, all our ads in yellow pages and web have been wasted.

    I have filed a police complaint with the recordings of the conversation against the recovery agency for representing themselves as member of the court.

  4. nagesh kini

    Where is the Tata Code of Conduct? All the mails should be marked to the Chairman by name cc Tata’s HQ Corporate Communications.
    This has got to end the harassment to the lay public.

  5. Sridhar

    So, all these guys are fake? Cause I have been planning to fight against this “honest” company in the Consumer Court. They have been calling me too, but I am from the law background,


    BOSS you are great. I am spreading your link so that people can come to know about TATA DOCOMO fraud.

  7. Siddharth

    Dear Sir,

    I also got a call from some one from teez hazari court (Mob no 8459117543))and threatened me that there is a case on my name and i have to appear tomorrow or i will be arrested by police, he said that they have send me legal notice twice but it was not received, then he told me to talk to some one Mr. Avinash (Govt Advocate 7827524848)about the case as he is not aware about it but can will stop my file for 10 minutes until I talk to the other person and confirm him. when i called Mr. Avinash he shouted on my like any thing, he said that i have a recovery of Rs.35,000 on my name, or else if i will deposit Rs. 3000 in JK Bank the file will be closed. i said why should i, you should have send me a legal notice of bill or some thing else, i have got nothing in that regard, In fact I want my money back for the dongle which was sold to me and they vanished form here after 2 months. Then he threatened me in very abusive way that, that now police will talk to me and i will be arrested and hung up the phone.

    I searched the net for any such case or something like that and found your link. I was really surprised as how can a company can threaten some one like this.

    It is greatness of yours that you are doing all this for the sake of public. there should be some action against these guys. Tata docomo shouldn’t do such a low graded deeds.

    • Hi Siddharth, I suggest you get in touch with them on twitter at the handle @tatadocomo and post your problem there. I am sure you will get the assistance. About the alleged legal case, no Court will issue an arrest warrant in your name without sending you summons to appear. All sounds shady. Get in touch with them.

      • Thank you very much sir,as if i got same call like that .one person called me and told me that he is bhalvindar sing,working as a CI in delhi police station,and arrest warrant was issued to me…. and I was given a concern lawyer number (09990697185-RK MISHRA,Tees hazari court) .but i didn’t beleive that as if ….I have a problem with tata docomo one month payment issue….but they sent 2 months more bill…..thats why i didn’t pay ….the bill.(rs-1600) …..i thought that must be fraud call… i didnt call to the concern lawyer.but I searched in internet ….i got your link…….now I am not worry……about the call…..I can handle them……seriously…….

        once again …….thank you….sir

  8. Rajesh

    Thanks for sharing the true colors of these companies

  9. Jinaal


    Even I am getting similar calls can you please suggest how to act against such people or just leave it aside.


    • I would request to formally lodge a complaint with the telecom company. Also tell them if such calls are not stopped, you will be constrained to file a complaint in the police station also.

      If no response, I suggest file a police complaint.


      • Today We got a call from a number-(8506948015), Saying that there is case registered against my name and also asked me to call
        to some advocate Rk Chouwhan (mob : 9717992158).Also the person told me he is a police officer but his voice was loke as a police officer.
        When I asked to him to provide the information in details , then he told, he will not provide the information and for that I need to have a call to
        given advocate’s number.

        When I called to the advocate, he told within an hour, i need to pay the rs2600/ or the file will be forwarded to Delhi Court.
        and I supposed to come to delhi next for the case.

        • Please call this advocate again and discuss the dues with him. If he still insists, tell him he is free to forward the file to the Court and you will engage an advocate to defend the action, Ask him to give you his bar council enrollment number.

          All the best.


  10. Parveen goyal

    Exactly similar Scenario for me. Got a call yesterday. As a law abiding (read court fearing) citizen, I felt it was in my best interest to pay up. I had in fact opened up the site to pay up. Then something inside me told me to google the it first to find the real truth. And volla! so many people got the same treatment. I have decided not to pay. Its insane, 6 months I could not use my dongle for a single minute ’cause the technicians were not competent to find out what was wrong with my dongle and now they have such audacity to threaten with some cheap a** lawyer. My family have been a loyal customer to many Tata products, but I have never expected Tata to stoop to such low levels.

  11. Ram

    I got the same problem for several months now. Docomo instead of giving good service and earning money, they are ignoring service requests and driving away customers. Then they are spending money on call center calls for the unfairly billed small amounts. Is a way they are losing big business. their .

  12. Darshan

    I got the same type of call today. He is asking to pay 1900 bill asap. He said he is from Delhi court chamber no 511 name is Bharat Singh (8287420785). I asked him to send bill then I will pay or I will pay bill after verify from Tata Docomo Gujarat store. Then he started to speaking very rude behavior. I hang out that call but he is calling from another number (+91 11 4122 9550) and asking to pay asap otherwise he will fill case in court against me.

  13. kulbir

    I too have been getting these threatening calls for a connection I have been overcharged and had to disconnect due to bad service. The calls come from delhi numbers.- 48234500 and 48004750. I have brought this to the notice of appellate authority of TATA DOCOMO, BUT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO ACT. YOU CAN DRAW YOUR CONCLUSIONS.

  14. Praveen

    sir, I had receive call today from such no. 9911078337,8510042266,8505996161,8505943444,8510021133,9718996637,8470885571,9136733223,8470953511 and one person that shows he is an ASI Satyapal singh at delhi on first three call and told me that he got arrest warrent for me and send fax to my nearby police station for not paying 2600 rupees that is unfair charge and after one and half hour called me and ask me about payment, when I told him that I call my advocate for process than He abuse me badly and continues calling me from different no. and told me I am Gomtipur Gujarat Thana Incharge name same as above ASI Satyapal singh.

    help us sir such this type of persons!!!!


    • Hi Praveen,

      Even if there are legitimate dues towards the company, no Police action can lie against you for such a petty amount since it isn’t fraud / cheating / forgery.

      I would suggest get in touch with the Company only on twitter and also initiate police complaint in your jurisdiction giving details of these telephone numbers. I am sure during investigation, it will be clear that these numbers do not belong to any police officials.

      Please also note, Police is not in the habit of making courtesy calls before arrest, they believe in arrest first, talks later. Hence it is shady to begin with.

      All the best.


  15. AMIT S

    Same thing is happening to me now…
    I am complaining since last 6 months for all the deficiency in service..
    I am various email email proof and interaction ID, but no result

    Today i got a call from a person saying he is from Delhi court and a case is filed against me for fraud… and i will have to pay Rs.20000/- as fine.
    And then he gave me a contact number for know more about it..
    Mr. Devandra Sharma (+91-7859853507), Case Number NW805
    When i called him, he says i have a due of Rs.3100/- so pay it within an hour and he will write a letter for withdrawal.
    I wonder why Delhi Court, when the TATA TELESERVICE (MAHARASHTRA) LIMITED has its Registered Office in Mumbai…

    when i asked his address so that i can meet him, he started giving bad words….
    And then he said come to Chamber B-511

    Now i want to file a case in Consumer Forum and also for harassment and threat.

    This is really shocking that i am not the only one and there are N number of such cases since many year but nothing is done and they are still using this tactic for recovery.

  16. AMIT S

    And in almost all the cases posted online… the only reply if have come from TATA is

    “Kindly provide us your Tata DOCOMO number, your alternate contact number and email ID so that we can get in touch with you.

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata DOCOMO.”

    Why not saying anything more on this tactic?

    Justice in India is too expensive…

  17. Dr Bharat Bhusan

    The tata docomo customer care doesnot solve the bills even after repeated requests.

  18. Praveen

    I too got a fake call from numbers 9813130381 and 8744014946, they said they a calling from Delhi, he said you reliance number had 4400 due so Reliance company has filed a case against you, and you have to pay 18000 fine otherwise there would be a arrest warrant issued on your name. He asked me to pay with in 30 mins. Please don’t belive these kind of call they are all fake.

  19. cp

    I got a call from the number +918505996161 claiming to be advocate anjali singh and threatening me to pay and pending bill of over three years old for NOT using the services . Even after calling customer care /emails to tata docomo people , they have not responded and these so called advocate keep on calling. How do you stop this harassment of paying bill generated falsely.

  20. Vineet

    Appriciate your effort sir….. I am also going through the same …

  21. Vinky

    Sir, today one lady called me from delhi saying as inspector for consumer case file no 406 againt me for an arrest warrant mobile.. +919582380911 . Tried to blackmail me to talk to advocate Rakesh +919582015706…to revert this case. I previously mailed many times to Tata docomo to stop the connection which they never did

    • Consumer Courts do not have inspectors. Call Advocate Rakesh to know details of the arrest warrant. Also ask him his Bar Council Enrollment No. If you find something fishy, I suggest you bring it to notice of Police and let THEM investigate the investigators.


  22. KogS

    Thanks for ur info Mahant, Today I got a call from a lady from no. 8802568269 name Ankita, she asked me to call Rakesh Sharma(no. 8077920752) with reference to the case file and speak and settle the account regarding Tatadocomo,(Which i settled long back and i had a proof of settlement) After few minutes she called me again to check if i have called or not,when i said i will call on this weekend,she threatened me the file is going to police station ,when i let my husband know about all these nonsense, he tried to the same no. they dint pick my call.

  23. Amitava

    I got a call today from +918802632465. The person told me that he is from Delhi legal court and there is a case against me and I have to pay an amount 30,000. When I asked him whats that case, he told I will have to talk to his advocate. I hung up the phone as I was busy that time. Later when I tried calling his number it was switched off. I got a legal notice on the same day at my home which was given to my neibour which states I have to pay an outstanding amount of Rs.549 + Rs 500 legal charges within 7 days or company will take appropriate action against me. I never had a due and paid all my bills on time. I requested them several times to disconnect my service. They took my request but never disconnected the connection and kept sending me bills when I was not using my internet device for a single minute.
    Please suggest whether I need to take the call seriously or just ignore it.

  24. sundar

    I am facing the same problem now and getting threatened with action if I don’t settle 1700 immediately. I was using Tata data card 5 years back. Please suggest whether I can ignore the threats.

  25. paras

    I have also received the same call form tees hazari court, caller (monica sharma) told me that she is working in LDC and gave me a number of advocate (RK sharma) for further details of case. However, I have recorded the call. What kind of legle action I can take against them. Will it considered as condemn of court.

  26. Hemant Sardana

    Hi Sir, Today I also got same type of calls for using a reliance data card.

    The funny part is that the lady asked me that I need to pay the amount in an account number in SBI branch near me. She said that I should call her again when I reach the branch and she will tell me the account number. This seems wierd to me that the payment is for reliance communication and should be paid in the reliance web world, why is she asking me to pay into a bank account.

    I started searching on internet in this matter and found your post and many other pages

    If you are a Lawyer, you should File a petition in the court on these frauds going on

  27. pooja lodha

    below is my reply to tata docomo demand notice and all i get in return is legal notice.
    the worst part is this company can reactivate your closed account at any given point in time as per their wish and start billing you without any use and then you are blessed with their harassing recovery process.

    Hi there,

    I have already cleared all my dues. Request you to kindly check your records. I have already gone through lot of frustration due to your bad services and illogical and unfair recovery process. Can you please stop harassing me by sending such unnecessary notices.

    As per my earlier complaint mail and several calls I already informed you about the issue however I am reiterating this that just because of my brand loyalty I have paid for six months though I have getting very poor speed. If you check my previous records I have always paid my bill on time. It was only one month when due to your poor customer service I decided not to pay that one months bill and I did not use your services after that month still you guys kept charging me though services were not.

    I wish if your customer service was even half effective as your recovery service I would never had to change to vodaphone.

    When I took the decision not to pay one months bill before that I sent mail to your customer service that if issue is not resolved now than I will switch to another service provider and on that I got only one call from your customer service that my area has the issue when I told the executive that this issue is since six months executive had no answer.

    However in february 2014 due to your annoying recovery calls I have paid that one month’s outstanding bill as well and your recovery executive has promised me that she will show the pending amount as discount as that was the only auto generated bill when there was no usage.

    After this if this harassment doesn’t stop I will have to go to consumer forum because your company is not appreciating my patience of 6 months when I was paying you though I was getting 512 kbps speed and you are sending me such annoying notices to pay money for what I have not used.

    I even have a signed letter from your recovery executive where he has promised to settle and close the account and show remaining balance as discount.

    Pooja Lodha

  28. Pruthvi

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for an eye opener. I am really fed up of receiving such calls for a bill that is for Rs : 1200/- Ever since i purchased this device, it malfunctioned and never really connected to the internet even once. I have spent more than 2000 rupees for transit to their office and have lodged more than 5 complaints which were never answered. There are people calling to inform that there will be a legal notice released. Can this really happen? What kind of harassment is this for the general public? TATA being pride of nation should be ashamed if it is aware of the fact that its brand name is utilized for such malpractices.

    I need your thoughts on this so that i can proceed accordingly. Can they file a legal case for issues as lame as this? Are these calls real?

    Thank you in advance,


  29. Pooja

    i really must thank you, for this detailed account of your experience because i am going through pretty much the same ordeal because of TATA DOCOMO. They have a certain pattern, almost every one here including me has faced the same issues, from having my dongle placed in ‘SAFE CUSTODY’ instead of deactivating it and then charging me for the custody, to, receiving bills even after having my account closed with no outstanding dues!!. They have even gone to the extent of sending recovery agents to my residence.and now i have been served with a legal notice from tata docomo. all this while, i have been receiving reassuring emails from telling me that my issue has been resolved.
    A simple dongle has turned into a night mare for me
    i’d be grateful for any suggestions on my course of action against this harassment .


  30. Upendra Singh


    I take TATA Docomo connection in December 2013 (Paid Rs.1500/- in advance and get Dongle Free), but due to extremely poor service I decided to disconnect my service, first month (January 2014) they didn’t stop my service in February 2014 finally the agree to disconnect my connection, but next month they send me a bill or Rs.1567/- (Rs.567 month charges + Rs. 1000/- CHURN OUT FEE because I disconnect my connection withing 3 months) so I refused to pay the remaining amount because their representative didn’t tell anything about any CHURN OUT FEE I have to pay if I disconnect it within 3 months after few call from Customer Care they stop calling me about payment, in May I received a call from a Person who call me that their is a case filed against me by Advocate xxxx (I forgot the name) I simply disconnect the phone. Now today 17 June I got another call from a Person saying that he is calling from Patiala House Court and a Case is Filed against me and I have to contact to advocate if I want he can give me no. of this advocate I ask her how he got my no. and address he start abusing me and tell me he will put me behind bars. I want to clarify till today the didn’t mention I have any due amount from TATA (might be because I didn’t speak to advocate) but after see all these type of case against TATA DOCOMO I also think that they are TATA’s agents) so what should I do, Just ignore this calls or take any legal action. I want to tell you one more thing I read all the cases very carefully and everyone saying to meet at chamber 511, as you say you personally go to that chamber and advocate sick about this type of people and he nothing to do with this company, then why he is not take any action against TATA DOCOMO (he is a advocate) so I think this person is also involved in this and allow this fake agent to give his chamber no. and when someone really go their he simply say he nothing to do with TATA DOCOMO, you are also advocate for one second think if someone give address of your office to someone for forgery you will take immediate action then why this person till today didn’t took any action against them. Last I want to say you are a great person helping people against this type of fake agents, because every common people are scared of Police and Court, you are doing a great Job and I and I pray to god for your success in your life. in last I am sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you

  31. Adnan

    Thanks for sharing the info sir. Today I have got an call stating the similar reason. The caller was abusive and his number was; 9718027691. I had requested docomo to stop my internet connection long time back and yet the have not closed my connection. My bills were paid upto date and yet they claim that I have to pay around 600 more for final settlement. Truely horrible experience for docomo customers

  32. Ram

    Not only this.I am getting text messages from a number saying I be listed in CIBL.I don’t. Know what to do please help.

  33. Simha

    Good Morning D.K Mahant sir

    This is Simhachalam from Vijayawada. 1 year ago i had taken three connections from Tata Docomo. Due to bad services and un detailed billing we refused to pay bill until Detailed bill provided by them. Their collection executives came and we told the same thing to them. after 3 months (march-2014) One person called me and said he is calling from delhi court and given Advocate number to settle this. I was shocked and paid the amount which they asked. Again this Tuesday (15-07-014) they called me and black mailed as same, and said ” if you will not paid today itself, we will register complaint against you in Delhi court as our terms and conditions.” I paid that amount for which they are calling. Then i was gone to Docomo office and checked my application and Again I Shocked that the Signature on the applications aren’t mine. Even today i got a call from a S.I calling from U.P but why i don’t know. I decided to complaint against them at TRAI and Consumer Form through mail. i paid for two connections and 1 connection amount is still due. I need your advice sir. All this things making me feel Bad. Please help me sir.

  34. Krunal Vaghasiya

    Please Suggest me.
    In my case, I refused to pay 4000 rupy for 3 month bill. because of extra internet charge applied in my bill from 8 month. So company disconnet my number.
    after 5 month ,
    received call on 9th august from 1401300292 and informed me that i am calling from tata docomo. and providing you waiver 50% on 4000 remaing amount.
    So kindly pay at 2000 and then we will active your number . After lot of discussion , I agreed and paid 2000. after 1 week , i got mail that 2000 is still pending to pay. So Call and email on listen@…. they informed that no one call me on from their side and also no one commit. Now You have to pay 2000. Suggest me What will i do.

  35. ranjith

    someone should kill some of these tata docomo rascals

  36. vamsi krishna

    Today i got demand notice from tata broadband that i need to pay rs.1496 towards their unsettled usage rental.Actually thing is i have asked them to discontinue my connection on june 3rd and reminded them the same on june 9th finally on 18th june they showed with a reply stating that connection will get barred after 7 days from then and same with the billing as well, I immediately called them and said that i have cleared all the existing dues and not going to pay a single penny as it is totally their fault for their delayed response.After that on july 15 i got a bill fr unused service and again i made them clear that i am not responsible for this illegal bill and out of nowhere today after 3 mnths they issued me a demand notice and when i called regarding this they denied all my details and warned me to pay the amount within 3 days and threatened that i have to face legal consequences if not paid .Can u please suggest me what should i do now?? can the arrest warrant be issued in this regard? is all this genuine??is this really a thing to be worried about??

    • No arrest warrant can be issued for such a petty sum. Judges have better things to do. Please ask this person details of the case and tell him your lawyer shall get in touch.

      • vamsi krishna

        Thank you very much sir for ur valuable reply and sensible suggestion ……i whole heartedly appreciate you for making people aware of these kind of frauds .,………..

        • Anytime. All the best. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

          • vamsi krishna

            Hi Dushyant Sir,

            Today i got a mail from Tata collections asking me to attend lok adalat at pune on dec-13-2014.As i already said i got some notice from tata collections on oct 30 claiming RS.1496 for the unused services.Today they also added the non submission of Tata modem for which i have paid RS.572 at the time of installation and they never spoke of submitting this device and they didnt even send anyone to collect this and didnt even noticed me that i should return this .The notice i Received is as follows


            Notice U/s 20(2) of Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

            Date- 24/ 11/2014


            The Secretary,

            Pune District Legal Services Authority,

            District Court, Shivajinagar,

            Pune 411 005



            A12/804, SPARKLET,MEGAPOLIS, PLOT NO-R1/1, R1/2, ,,

            R1/3, R1,HINJEWADI, PUNE ,,


            Ref.:- Ces No. of HDS1182/2014

            Sub.:- Proposal of T.T.M.L. for presenting your dispute with regard to Instrument provided by TATA DOCOMO and outstanding billing amount of Rs.1496/- before the Maha Lok adalat for determination.,


            Apropos to the subject mentioned above, you are hereby informed that, the Applicant T.T.M.L. Pune with regard to the outstanding billing amount of Rs.1496 /- has arranged an National Lok Adalat on 13/12/2014 at 11 a.m. onwards. it is contended that you have availed services of T.T.M.L. but failed to pay the above mentioned billing amount. The particulars of which are as under.

            1) Type of the bill/account :- 989740902

            2) Name of Customer :- VAMSI KRISHNA . KANIJAM

            3) Product Type :- DSL- Data

            3) Total Outstanding amount :-Rs.1496/-

            Taking into consideration the aforesaid contentious issues, it is expedient for referring your matter at Pre-Litigation stage to Lok Adalat U/s 19(5) (ii) of the Legal Services Authority Act,1987 for final determination.

            Hence, you are requested to remain present at 10.00 a.m. on 13/12/2014 at District Court, Shivajinagar, Pune.

            Note:- If you want to settled account before Lok adalat date, please contact on below mention number

            Request you to submit your Modem ( Instrument provided by TATA DOCOMO ) for Pickup please call on below

            Contact No: 7276527013 / 7276527283

            By Order,


            District Legal Services Authority, Pune

            Looking forward for ur suggestion. Is this notice really from lok adalat or fake one? If,yes what am i supposed to do now ?i am not living in pune now i am at my hometown in andhra now.Is there anything bad that could happen if i dont attend? Do i have to pay them for unused services and return the device for which i have paid? I am ready to return the device but not willing to pay fr unused services.Please help me sir.

          • This does not look fake. Yes there is a Lok Adalat and you should carry evidence of earlier payments.

          • vamsi krishna

            looking forward for ur suggestion sir

  37. Thank you for your because of your blog,we know that there are many of my kind who are being intimidated and made to suffer mental agony!
    I had a photon plus connection with them.My connection number was 9207006100.I was posted at Jorhat,Assam. But sometime in March 2013 I was transferred and posted to a place called Bokajan, where your photon plus services were not available. I
    contacted their toll free numbers many times but every time I was informed
    that service is to resume shortly!
    So finally I decided to keep quiet and give up because I could not continue
    paying my rental indefinitely without getting any service.And just about that time that organisation withdrew from entire North -East due to some court related matter!
    Few months ago I get a call from someone who identified her as being from Tis Hazari court & said a case has been lodged against me for non-payment of bill which is some Rs
    2000 only! And yesterday two persons called my wife from mobile numbers 9891435269 and 9211295773 telling her that an exorbitant amount is due against me & I will be arrested if I dont pay that amount!
    Now not only intimidation of that kind is deeply disturbing..Even their manner of talking was far from being gentle. I have never got any letter or bill from them, not even a mail informing status..even that dongle which was worth some Rs 2000.00 is of no use to me now.
    Please guide if should take the call seriously and pay for services never given to me in those last few months or just keep quite or protest….

    • Please file a complaint with police and give them these numbers. You’ve half of the complaint written here anyway. Let the police investigate who are these lawyers getting arrest warrants for 2,000 bill.

  38. vamsi krishna

    Hi Dushyant Sir,

    Today i got a mail from Tata collections asking me to attend lok adalat at pune on dec-13-2014.As i already said i got some notice from tata collections on oct 30 claiming RS.1496 for the unused services.Today they also added the non submission of Tata modem for which i have paid RS.572 at the time of installation and they never spoke of submitting this device and they didnt even send anyone to collect this and didnt even noticed me that i should return this .The notice i Received is as follows


    Notice U/s 20(2) of Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

    Date- 24/ 11/2014


    The Secretary,

    Pune District Legal Services Authority,

    District Court, Shivajinagar,

    Pune 411 005



    A12/804, SPARKLET,MEGAPOLIS, PLOT NO-R1/1, R1/2, ,,

    R1/3, R1,HINJEWADI, PUNE ,,


    Ref.:- Ces No. of HDS1182/2014

    Sub.:- Proposal of T.T.M.L. for presenting your dispute with regard to Instrument provided by TATA DOCOMO and outstanding billing amount of Rs.1496/- before the Maha Lok adalat for determination.,


    Apropos to the subject mentioned above, you are hereby informed that, the Applicant T.T.M.L. Pune with regard to the outstanding billing amount of Rs.1496 /- has arranged an National Lok Adalat on 13/12/2014 at 11 a.m. onwards. it is contended that you have availed services of T.T.M.L. but failed to pay the above mentioned billing amount. The particulars of which are as under.

    1) Type of the bill/account :- 989740902

    2) Name of Customer :- VAMSI KRISHNA . KANIJAM

    3) Product Type :- DSL- Data

    3) Total Outstanding amount :-Rs.1496/-

    Taking into consideration the aforesaid contentious issues, it is expedient for referring your matter at Pre-Litigation stage to Lok Adalat U/s 19(5) (ii) of the Legal Services Authority Act,1987 for final determination.

    Hence, you are requested to remain present at 10.00 a.m. on 13/12/2014 at District Court, Shivajinagar, Pune.

    Note:- If you want to settled account before Lok adalat date, please contact on below mention number

    Request you to submit your Modem ( Instrument provided by TATA DOCOMO ) for Pickup please call on below

    Contact No: 7276527013 / 7276527283

    By Order,


    District Legal Services Authority, Pune

    Looking forward for ur suggestion. Is this notice really from lok adalat or fake one? If,yes what am i supposed to do now ?i am not living in pune now i am at my hometown in andhra now.Is there anything bad that could happen if i dont attend? Do i have to pay them for unused services and return the device for which i have paid? I am ready to return the device but not willing to pay fr unused services.Please help me sir.

  39. Abhijeet Mishra

    Hi All,

    Although this is not related to Tata Docomo but, nevertheless wanted to mention this as these cases are on the rise.
    Yesterday, I got a call from the number 9953065703 at noon time. The person calling informed me that he was ASI Jagdish Sharma calling from Sadar Bazar police station, New Delhi. He verified my details and informed me that a non – bailable warrant # NBW 0394/ IPC 2014 had been issued against me, since I had not appeared in the court despite several summons, and I had to appear in the Patiala House court by 1:30 p.m. He refused to give details of the case as the matter was in the court. He also told me that in 10 mins, he would send my file to court and the warrant will be forwarded to Kolkata police (I live in Kolkata), who would then arrest me and bring me to Delhi. He also said I should speak to the govt lawyer named Ravi Srivastav (08802554836) and gave me 10 minutes to get abck to him after speaking to the lawyer. I could understand that it was all fake but, decided to play along. I then called the lawyer and he shared that there was a case of Fraud against Reserve Bank of India lodged against me and I needed to deposit Rs. 33,428 in the court by 1:30 p.m. I told there was no way I could do that as I was in Kolkata. He then asked if I could somehow get that money deposited and I replied I could do it online. He then said that he would give me the details of bank account of his assistant and I must transfer the money within 10 mins so that he can make an application and submit it in the court along with the cheque. This would stop my arrest. He gave me below details:
    Account # 071801508349
    Name: MONU KUMAR
    Bank: ICICI Bank
    IFSC Code: ICIC0000718

    I edited one sms received from my bank and forwarded the same to him showing that my account had been debited by INR 33,428 towards transfer to his account.
    I immediately forwarded the account details to one of my friends who works in the bank and he retrieved the details of the account provided:

    Name: Monu Kumar
    Address: Indralok, B-39, Flat No. 1009, Urvashi Tower, Mayakhand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

    After that I blocked the above two numbers. Then, during the night the lawyer called me up several times from a different number (08802501396) saying that he didn’t receive any money in his account. I played innocent and told him that I had already sent money to him and prevent me from getting arrested. Meanwhile I went to my local police station and filed a General Diary entry for this case. I have also written an email to Delhi Police Commissioner, highlighting this incident.
    Can someone track these cheats in Ghaziabad?

  40. raghu

    total froud
    saying from delhi high court although he is tata docomo recovery agent
    rk chahuan adovocate 09810317454

  41. Sidharth

    Hello Sir,

    I am also suffering same harassment calls from these guys, saying they are calling from Hazari Court… I am really getting fed up from these calls. Plz suggest me what should I do ?

  42. Chandan Kumar

    I am also getting threatening mail and messages from Tata Docomo Tata Docomo.
    I got a Tata Photon Max dongle in December 2015 from Hyderabad. I wanted to use it in Bihar while roaming. At that time Tata Docomo representative assured me that Docomo service is available all over India and roaming is free. But for my 3 weeks stay in Bihar the Photon Max dongle never worked. So naturally when I came back to Hyderabad in January 2015, I requested Tata Docomo to disconnect the post paid service. But instead they kept on billing me. Every month since February they would call me to pay the bill and I would make the same request. Now they are sending me threatening messages and emails for legal action. Any suggestion?

  43. Anonymous

    Hello Sir,

    I am also getting the similar calls from random numbers saying that I have 2200 rs due with Tata docomo broadband for year 2013. I took the advance postpaid broadband connection where I have to pay 2200 in advance to use the broadband for next six months(paid till Feb 2013). before the six months gets over I had to leave Pune and shift to Mumbai. I went to nearest tatadocomo office and asked them to disconnect the services. though they haven’t given me any e-mail or confirmation in written. I left Pune. I got a call from customer care in May 2013 that I have to pay the due amount. I asked them that I left Pune and I am not using the services so disconnect the service. They said they have already disconnected the connection but as it was an advance payment connection so I have to pay the next six month amount, which I denied to pay. In April 2014 I got an SMS that due to non payment my case has been arrived in Pune court and I have to appear next day at 10 am,(due to short notice I didn’t appear and even I didn’t have clue that why I am being asked to appear in court as the SMS has insufficient details).
    now since 17 June I am getting calls from 9155704601 (calling person said that he is from Bangalore and an advocate and handling my complaint and also asked me to pay the balance amount online or else I have to come to b’lore for fighting the case. I didn’t make the payment off course. and since morning I am getting calls from 8862977716 (person saying that he is from delhi HC and asked me to pay the bill.

    now problem is that I don’t even remember my tata broadband account number or any other details.

    What should I do please suggest.


    • Hi.

      I doubt or such an amount Court would bother. However, next time you get a call, please ask the status of the pending matter in Court for which you were called at 10 am. I reckon person will tell you there is no case presently but they will initiate one soon.

      Secondly, try getting in touch with the Docomo team online at Twitter. On FB they erase messages.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!

        I asked the person the same thing. he denied to provide any details, I even asked him to at least provide me my account no. so that I can check it with tata docomo. he simply said to visit me nearest tata docomo outlet.

        and if there is any legal procedure then why they don’t bother to send e-mail with details rather than calling and SMS.

        and what if I don’t pay?

  44. I got a similar call from tikona saying that they are tikona lawyers calling from tiz hazari court.

  45. amitabh awasthi

    me gigloo job ke rs 3500sbi ac simpy dogra ke ac me deposit kiya return kese hoga

  46. sharath chandra

    I used tata docomo dongle for 2 years after which I wanted to disconnect the connection. on requesting the same they said I need to visit any tata store and take cancellation form and fill it and call them from that store land line itself only then after two working days my connection will be cancelled.

    when I visited tata store near me they said they do not have any form at all, he also told they do not have any landline too. again I called customer support but they said no, for sure they will have form, and landline and providing address of the same store that is near me and asked to go there. similarly I kept on rotating from home to store and visited 3 more stores far away too but same reply everywhere.

    lastly I said I did not use dongle and you people have wasted almost 20 days so I got one month extra and will not pay then customer service guy cancelled from his end directly and asked me to pay that month bill too which I did little disheartnedly. later I got a call saying that cancellation has been done and a final bill will be sent which you have to pay. I declined that as why again final bill and ignored when I got bill of 576 rs/-. now after 2 months I got a mesage saying I have to pay or else they will take legal action against me. Do I need to pay that amount? please advice.

  47. prathmesh

    Thanks alot sir..for this HEROIC thing.i have been searching over the net where atleast something would have been resolved from TATA DOCOMO-the fraud company..cudnt find nything except complaints..thanks a TON

  48. Mahesh

    Today I also received a call and same statement that Delhi High court will be issuing a notice to me and I need to go to Delhi High court. The number was 02233712106.

  49. shreenath


  50. deepak

    they gave fake calls to customers for afraid them , they dont have authority to take police complaints or go in courts .
    the law said already to them that they should thinks twice before make customers or selling anything to customers on their behalf.
    guys dont be afraid .

  51. xxx

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    Thank u sir your information. Iam too suffering this problem .
    Ek din mai docomo(with t shirt and board) agent ko voter id photo diya tha For sim. dusre din usne bola ki your documents reject hogaya hai o company me rahenge sim nahi diya . 3 maine bad i continiusly recieving call from collection office. Maine unko detaial bola lekin unone nahi suna thumara documents hai thumko he barna padega.maine unko ignore kiya . 4 maine bad kal muje delli se phone aya (LIGEL ADVESER M NO -7840873593 )unone bola ki thumpara case huva hai with penalti rs 20000 kort me barna padega. Agara app bahar settlement karna chahte ho rs 3500 boro . Please suggest me sir what can i do . Agar o log frod hai to mera number unko kaise mila? Muje lagth hai ki company wale unke sath mile hai.

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  54. Jitendra

    Threatning Calls from Reliance Communication

    I’m from Uttarakhand and today, I received threatening call from some lady who is claiming to be an advocate named Pooja Mathur (Reliance Advocate) and calling from Delhi Tees Hazaari Court and threatening me that they will issue notice and I have to be present to the court. I was a customer of Reliance broadband 40GB plan and took that in 2013-14 and used it for more than 1.5 year…however due to poor customer service & network issues in Goa. After many complaints and follow up, I decided to disconnect the service and called to the customer care of Reliance (P.S: I had online chat also regarding the issue & disconnection of the services). I was told that my number will be disconnected in 7 days & as decided the number was disconnected. But still I keep getting the bills of zero usage. Yesterday, I got a call from Pooja Mathur advocate stating that I have to pay Rs.3273 before 3.30 PM on 02.03.2016 as it’s outstanding. I gave her a call and asked about the details why reliance representatives didn’t call me about this, she said she don’t have any idea. She called me back at 3.38 PM and inquired about the payment, I replied i didn’t made any payment & will contact reliance first, on which she replied “Mister tumne bahut suhana mauka kho diya ab dekho kya hota hai.”

    I have already requested Reliance Customer Care Executives many time since Sep’15 for the disconnection of the services. I paid ones in November’15 to settle the remaining dues on pro-rate basis of usage. I am working person and not a cheater.

    ***Need your help sir, please guide.

    With Regards,


  55. Fantastic post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

  56. Hi,

    I am Manish from Mumbai, today i got a call from a advocate Mr. Bhadia from no – 7734841454 from tata docomo saying that they have filed case against me under section 420 for non payment of Rs 1346/- which is overcharged in the bill. He was very rude and abusive and threatened me that i would have to pay thousands or lacs of rupees as penalty and also could face jail. I said do whatever you want I am not going to pay the bill. I also filed a complaint in consumer forum. Should i file a complaint with police too? Kindly suggest me what to do further in this case.


    • HI Manish.

      Please forward this number to the police and tell them someone is trying to impersonate and it requires investigation. Also, cops must ask this person details of the cheating case, if it has been filed.

      All the best.

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    believe me 99.99 percent of these gangs are lowest level guys reporting any where will not help(even if caught they will be released in a couple of days) ,they keep changing their phones and places.abusing them (am sure not very many can match their level) might give you a temp relief but not a perma solution, if you pay thinking the amount to be small ,you are in for more trouble,cause you get upgraded in their list as a person who will either readily pay or ultimately definitely pay up in the end..they were doingit erlierr nd they r doing it even today ,the post after this read carefully ,read the fine print,read between the lines, replicate it in otther forums,if u recv any call from such persons just keep repeating —what u read below nd after a couple of calls send their numbers to an agency – i might post the links but u guys will understand urself where all to send such numbers nd believe me their numbers will automatically be scanned and traced , the more people get involved the merrier nd faster it will be
    guys the above post gave me a relief , some thing like this happened with me also , the guy on the other end demanded money on one pretext or the other nd threatened to kill our leaders and bomb my city if i dont pay them money and ask the govt to release their terrorists, now everytime their called ( 7 different numbers ) i told them that they can kill me nd took a couple of names of current leaders them also but we are deshbhakts and we will never bow down to their –isi ,pakistan ,dubai .dawoods or isis wiishes .and i told them that u want to blow up our tees hazari or patiaala house ,or u want to blow up vikaspuri police station ,that u want to kill our leaders u will not be able to do, u r threatning me with rdx and ied .etc etc .
    guys i had to do this a 5 10 times believe me after that NOW i call them nd now they dont pick up nd 4 out of 7 numbers also do not exist now dunnow those phones went under scanner or what i still ry other three number 10 20 times a day ,have sent heir numbers to NIA nd IB also got 2 calls from anony numbers asking bout these phones told them that i am deshbhakt nd not terrorised by theese terrorists was further instructed to pass on any info to one of the emails given to me, which i can not share for obvious reasons ,now their phones our silent ,switched off and iam happy ,let us not get cowed down by such elements-terrorists ,let us rise to the occasion ,let us unite nd show our deshbhakti JAI HIND JAI HIND JAI HIND ,BHARAT MATA KI JAI

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  61. Hi Dushyant Sir,

    I had taken a tata docomo internet dongle from my company premises. The docomo people came there to sell. I took a 3300 plan for three months. Firstly there network was so bad that i could not use the net. I took the dongle to my hometown and used it there just for 2 days. The dongle was a 3G dongle. While giving the dongle they never told that there are roaming charges. When i used it in my hometown just for two days they charged me a Rs 6800/- amount. Before using i had tried to call there customer service many times they were not reachable. My 3300 got wasted as i didn’t use the net and additional 6800 why should i pay. Now they are threatening me again and again and torturing to take me to court. In fact they should return the money for such a pathetic service. I received a call from a number telling he was an advocate in DELHI HIGH COURT and i had to appear the next day. I ignored it. Now after a month again I got a notice saying that I have to appear in LOK AADALAT in Pune. I don’t want to pay them 10000/- for using net just for 2 days n may be 2 hrs. Can I ignore the Summon or is there someway I can get out of all this

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  69. xxx

    same sort of call my friend got today. caller introduced himself as a Court staff of Patiala House Court, Delhi. threatening sending file to court unless you speak to the advocate. Since I am an advocate I immediately tried to find out truth same Tata Docomo & RK Chauhan advocate 9717992158 involved. hell with them. I have advised my friend to file a police case against them outside Delhi.

  70. I’ve just changed my postpaid tata docomo to another network and had to pay the last bill of docomo,today I received a call from a lady claiming a advocate from Delhi court and told me if I don’t pay the due 480/- in an hour tomorrow they ll produce me to court.The ph no of that caller is 8287382498. Is it the reality? Many thanks to you for taking this matter seriously.

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  73. swaroopmishra

    Hi. I had applied for a cancellation but they continued to generate bills every month. A guy had called me from Docomo (True caller) stating that he’s from nowhere else but patiala house court. Today another guy called me stating that he’s from Delhi high court. Please help me. It’s completely their fault. They didn’t cancel my connection even after being asked to.

  74. Sameer Khan

    I am also getting similar calls from docomo. The number is 8963086274….

  75. Ravi Singh

    Yesterday I received a call from LDC Ms.Shweta Mehra(+91 7532890971) from Delhi Patiyala Court. She said that a complain has been filed against me but she can’t tell me the details as the complain is in government sealed packet. The only help she can do is to forward me the number of Advocate Mr. A.K.Chowdhary(+91 9717992158) who will see the case in court. Initially I thought it is some kind of fraud call but to see how far they can go, I called on that number. I was very surprised to see how much accurate details they have about me. They also convinced me that they are not fraud. But then I saw your article and choose not to give my ear anymore.
    Your article was of great help.

  76. puneeth

    Hats off sir i am also calls frm dem lik they r goin to book case tom see ur suggestions i would to ignore calls frm dem thanq sir…

  77. Priya

    Today i got the same call and lady told me that she has file against me and within half an hour i will b arrested.i told her my brother is in police department and then she abruptly hung up saying u see in next half an hour what happens.

  78. Priya

    They hugely charged on my first bill and when o aksed for details they said my plan was not activated so it got charged hugely.i wanted to close connection settling the amount but they are adding up extra charges though no. Is stopped now.i called cusfomer care asking for solutiin they did not help these stupids are threatening me.when i aksed them to get it settled they still charging me extra which i did nt accept.can someone please suggest me what to do beacsue just for 19 days usage i cant afford four thousand and i am scared also of these guys.why dont they amicably settle things and choose these ways whr its of no advantage to them.

  79. Rajesh Dubey

    Wonderful company, and no one clarifies things also. I stopped using the tata dokomo SIM four months back after clearing all dues. Even then i got call from the Tata people that my Name has been sent to Civil court and i would have to pay the dues according to them 2100.00 immediately to avoid warrent. I actually do not know the reason why should i pay for the services i have not used? Isn’t this going too far, only because we common people care a lot so that our names do not get tarnished. I am pretty sure this drama would definately end if someone dares and challenges this act .
    of the company

  80. i too am suffering the same problem..dey keep calling impersonating themself as borivali police, thane police, civil court , than ecourt …..i get these call evry day 2-3 times …m fed up now..n dey talk very rudely n in a bad manner i want to ignore it but d call comes from differnt number..if someone can help me …i really want to complaint against dem

  81. Prashant Chandak

    I also received an email from them about sending a legal notice towards due amount. I gave a request to disconnect my number and they took their own time to disconnect. I was charged for that period too. I refused to make the payment and ignored their reminders. Finally I received this email asking me to make the payment by March 11, 2017 and if not done, they will initiate a legal action. I’m in a fix on what to do? Can someone help please? I don’t even remember when I asked them to stop the connection. I was ready to make a part for that payment but not the entire amount as they wanted me to pay for that duration too- when I gave a request and they actually disconnected the number. Please suggest. Thanks


    I also received threatening calls for not paying bill and was threatened for arrest warrant and a penalty of 40000 if I won’t appear before patiala court the very next day of it…. this person was rude and very loud….. I got scared and paid the amount…. later after confirming I got to know that I didn’t received any legal notice and after talking to my lawyer I realized it was a threatening call….. I m definitely not gonna buy Tata telecom products nor I will suggest it to anyone….. this is absolutely ridiculous to pay unreasonable bills…..

  83. Vivek

    Hello sir I have also received the similar threat and have been billed for service which I never used. Hope you can help me.

  84. Shubhash Agrahari

    These people are most probably recovery agents of the firm with whom Tata Telecommunications have tied up. There many such complaints about such fraudulent threats. I had received such threat from some Advocate Deepak Choudhari. The mail only mentions that I’ll be sued for such charges and all payment links are provided in the mail. When sending a reply to Advocate Deepak Choudhari, he simply won’t reply and keep on sending same messages.

  85. Rushi Shah

    Hi, I also received a call today for something similar.
    I was residing in one apartment and moved out of it. Tata didn’t close the connection and now they want to charge me of the money. They are harassing me daily and sending sms and phone calls.
    Please help

  86. Savio

    I’m also facing the same problem can you please help me

  87. Prasath

    My Docomo CDMA number is golden number know it changed into gsm …
    They allotted another number
    How it possible to allotted other number

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