Intellectual Property Rights by Ananth Padmanabhan @LexisNexisIndia

I jumped at the opportunity given by LexisNexis to try my hand at this new book, Intellectual Property Rights-Infringement and Remedies by Ananth Padmanabhan. After buying the revised Venkateswaran on Passing Off last year, I wasn’t a big fan of LexisNexis though it is one of my most preferred publishing house.

Well begun is half done. Not just a cliche. In the preface alone, the Author does a great job and appreciates the various schools of thought in commentary books we have. He also notes what is the main problem in usual ones.

The first chapter gives out the brief details of various forms of injunctions granted by Courts and various heads / branches of the intellectual property rights. Next chapter deals with infringement of trade marks and reliefs. Chapter three deals with copyright. Fourth chapter discusses patents. Author covered designs infringement in fifth chapter. The last chapter gives brief detail on common law rights focusing on the trade secret aspects.

The book, like others, has a compilation of various statutes and rules of different laws covering intellectual property rights.

The attention with which the Author has dealt with the topics in each of the branch of intellectual property law is magnificent, fantastic and surprisingly elaborate–without giving legal jargon. The Author has not given paragraphs after paragraphs of a judgement and that has helped in the book giving us his  perspective–which is a cardinal rule of a book–rather than a lecture flowing through a Court ruling.

Only after going through the book can one realise that the purpose of the author was not just to write 500 odd pages but to give us his understanding of plethora of judgement and commentaries summarised in these pages about various aspects of intellectual property right. The table of contents in each chapter is very helpful and will assist the reader to reach the precise proposition.

At various instances, the Author has given a detailed study where he has disagreed with a particular judgement. This is not something which we usually get to read in a typical commentary book. The Author has made sure that the disagreement with a particular judgement is explained properly rather than just branding a judgement as non application of mind.

Though the Appendix has 10 acts / rules, what is missing is Trade and Merchandise Marks Act 1958, Trade and Merchandise Marks Rules 1959, Designs Act, 1911 and the Designs Rules, 1933 which surely come handy.

The book is must for anyone studying / practicing / interested in intellectual property laws. I am really glad that I have this one from LexisNexis in my library next to the Nimmer, Copinger and Venkateswaran among others.


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