Transfer List of 228 District Court Judges (Jan 2014)

Vide notification dated January 08th, 2014, Delhi High Court has finally approved and circulated the transfer list which was anxiously awaited in the District Courts.

The file for transfer list of Lower Judiciary can be accessed here:

Transfer List DJS DKMahant

The file for transfer list of Higher Judiciary can be accessed here:

Transfer List DHJS DKMahant

The transfers shall take effect from January 15th.

Transfers in the lower judiciary, including reshuffling of the Higher Judiciary, is a routine feature. Interesting elements in these transfer lists are the following: –

  1. All the 6 Joint Registrars (JRs) of Delhi High Court now stand replaced;
  2. The strength of JRs in the High Court is now 8 instead of 6 earlier with two new Courts getting created for them;
  3. 49 Judges from the Lower Judiciary are promoted to Higher Judiciary; and
  4. 39 new Courts are created in the Higher Judiciary for these promotions from the Lower Judiciary.

With this list, I sincerely foresee a lot of backlog getting cleared gradually in the District Courts, especially at the stage of Higher Judiciary level.

Delhi High Court should, in time, consider doing away with the original jurisdiction and focus on filling up the sanctioned strength of 48 Judges and clearing the backlog of the appeals in the criminal side, writ petitions and various suits pending since long.

A new era in the District Courts of Delhi shall commence from next week.



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4 responses to “Transfer List of 228 District Court Judges (Jan 2014)

  1. Ravi Kumar

    What about new vacancies? When will be the next DJS exam? Does this mean that more vacancies will be made available for the next exam?

  2. eet

    Such a cheap thing….they advertised the vacancies for direct recruitment for Higher judicial services in december and deadline regarding age is 01-01-2013….means approx 36 years in place of 35 years…and on 15 th of jan promoted 49 people before them……it means these 10 vacancies are useless with no promotion chances….how cheap….i really regret….planning to leave the country for good….

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